I cannot remember if I mentioned how I believe that there was a great miscarriage of justice years ago when a former police officer was labeled a racist after committing a heinous crime. The reason I felt so was because that officer was never given the opportunity to show that he might have suffered from a traumatic brain injury nor does it appear were misuse of steroids examined. The officer might have been racist and I’m not condoning or dismissing this possibility.  However, was the crime racially motivated to the point that it should be labeled a ‘hate crime’ or did the media rush to judgment because it believed it had the full story the same way it did when it believed Roger Goodell was a liar last year in assuming Mr. Goodell had seen the video of Ray Rice knocking out his future wife?  By the way the officer was engaged to marry a bi-racial woman and there is always the chance that the crime was not a hate crime  — only it’s often easier to look toward the easy path, especially when there is the promise of federal dollars on the table to work on race relations.  Also probably just as difficult for the NYPD to face concussion related injuries or a problem with roid rage than it is to have a fall guy.

Of course mine is just a theory, and just because I think that the concussion related injuries that football players who play for the NYPD football team and/or hockey might be worthy of examination as possible variables in domestic violence and other heinous crimes doesn’t make me right.  However, if researchers at Boston University have discovered a link between brain trauma and domestic violence then it stands to reason that brain trauma might be a significant variable in other heinous crimes such as the ones committed by this former officer or the former professional wrestler, Chris Benoit.  These men might not have been monsters but might have been misusing steroids to remain competitive in their worlds.  Perhaps using steroids leads to primal tendencies where racial bias might be dormant and/or triggered in some way by some other variable, such as CTE which might have been brought on by being hit in the head.  It’s just a thought, and last I checked thinking was not illegal [yet].