Twitter is a Sure Bet for those who look to enhance their Sports Betting Business – by Michelle Sports X [ This is for all the handicappers who fear Twitter ]

Sharp sports bettors are always seeking an edge. What was considered “inside information” in decades past is now often available to the public instantaneously. – Matt Youmans, Las Vegas Review Journal

What can I say to convince you that Twitter is your friend and one of the best things to happen since sliced bread if used in a manner that is done with careful planning as part of your overall marketing strategy? Of course, many of you might resist change from the status quo and opt to stay with a fear-based mentality that Twitter is the enemy and can ruin your life. Or perhaps you might think that you are going to be giving away information that you have often charged for, so clearly Twitter has no place in your world. No disrespect, but I am pretty sure that dinosaurs had a similar mentality and we all know what happened to them.

Imagine if back in the day your family resisted getting a television and you were the only family on the block who happened to be without television. Sure you were fine going to the movie theater to get your news but the kid down the block was way ahead of you because his family was tuned in the local news that was being viewed on the broadcast that was reaching right there in his living room via the television set. Of course, you still had radio and that was just fine because after all who needs television if you have radio?

Of course you do not need to tweet. You can stay doing things exactly the way you’ve always done them but those around you will likely have a competitive edge that might impair your ability to reach new customers. Who needs new customers? Well, of course, if you do not wish to increase your market share and you are happy with the way things are then by all means do not change a thing. Stay doing exactly what you are. If, however, you want to broaden your horizon and find out what it is that allows Twitter to be such an attractive feature of the most innovative handicappers then you will stay tuned for more information that will help you break out of the way you have always done things. Not because you have done things wrong but because there’s a new way to do them and it’s important that you stay current or you will see others passing you by. Why not look to find new avenues to reach those who might be seeking a reliable handicapper in Vegas or look to read your articles? Remember the only thing to fear is fear itself and if you learn how to manage Twitter so that it enhances your world and compliments your business, you will be on the right side. Make no mistake about it; Twitter is a sure bet for those in the gaming industry.

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SXM Sports