If you’ve checked out the latest edition of MAXIM mag then you know that you’re not supposed to refer to ‘Bond girls’ as girls anymore, because they are supposedly ‘Bond women’ but I’m not so sure I would take offense to being referred to as a ‘Bond girl.’  I get the point but considering the latest ‘Bond woman’ struck fame after a twenty minute lesbian sex seen which was written about in the NY Times as …. I mean does it really matter?  Bond girl or woman, all it means is that she’s hot!

People seem to be so uptight with labels these days. That being said, I admit when I decided on the title of this article, I opted for including ‘woman’ as opposed to ‘girl’ for all the wrong reasons.  So before I continue let me declare here and now that I bet like a girl! Call me sexist if you’d like, even though I do not think that it would be warranted. Because just because I think I bet like a girl does not make me sexist, right? It’s not as though I’m putting girls down, nor does it mean I’m discriminating, right?   One sec, while I check the dictionary just to be certain we are on the same page.

Sexism by the way means exactly what I thought it meant but I wanted to be sure since many times words can have two meanings and/or the definitions can become somewhat cloudy or misinterpreted.  So by my stating that someone bets like a girl does not necessarily mean I am being discriminatory, right?  Of course, not.  Unless I thought that betting like a girl meant it was any less than betting like a boy, or a guy.  Of course, technically I am a woman but all I mean is that I tend to follow my intuition.  Does that mean that men do not?  Well, I think much of the scientific data out there tends to suggest that women think in a more abstract manner and they follow their intuition about things, which might be something that is inherently gifted simply because they are female. [ Oh by the way, I know there are men who want to be women and women who want to be men, and for argument’s sake, let’s just pretend that we live in a world where it’s okay to have two distinct genders that have certain characteristics because there’s actually nothing wrong with that! Nobody’s saying that everyone is born or evolves to have the sense of belonging to that which there biological gender was at birth, but can we just keep things a bit simple without getting too uptight about everything for a change? ]

Sports betting. by the way, can be dependent upon luck but a skilled bettor knows that its wise to do one’s homework before placing any bet.  Know the weather, injuries, home field advantages, etc., Know how a team matches up against its opponent and all that jazz.  In other words, pay attention.

Years ago it might have been that the good old boys network had the upper hand when it came to sports betting, however, nowadays with information available in real time via the Internet, the odds of someone having insider information that has not been leaked to the general public is much less likely.

This year I was asked to participate in a competitive brawl with some of the top handicappers in Vegas, and throughout the country.  So far we’re more than midway through the football seasons and I have twenty wins and twenty losses.  All of my picks have been based on my own observations and have been randomly selected from the college football schedule.  Anyone who knows anything about betting will tell you that I’m not doing so badly, and that to have a 50% ratio is actually pretty good, especially for a girl!

How have I done it?  Honestly, I have chosen games that interest me and I’ve paid attention to teams that seem to be winning by a considerable margin, or ones that seem to be in a ‘must win’ situation.  I’ve been wrong and I’ve been right.  For example, last week I went with Nebraska because the team was heading to Purdue, and Purdue was pitiful.  Nebraska had been coming off a close game against Northwestern and I felt they needed to have a strong finish in order to be considered to be in contention for a bowl game.  The Huskers lost!  It was bad.  I was wrong.

This week I picked Tulsa to win by 11, and the ‘Over’ in the Penn State vs. Northwestern game.  I did so because I think Tulsa seems to be winning and also because I have a brother who lives in Tulsa.  I picked the Penn State game to go over because the predicted total was 41 1/2 and it just seemed to me that both teams might score in the low twenties, so I went with it.

The thing with sports betting, at least the way I see it, is that if you are going to bet you should know all you can about the match up.  Unless you’re into some sort of criminal activity and you have ties to organized crime where there is a fixed game, which by the way, I cannot comment on because that’s just not a world I know, then I think you are going to be okay.  In other words, make a logical choice weighing the pros and cons, and remember to bet with your head, even if that employs using your heart.  Nobody has figured out how to be right every time.  Anyone that tells you that they have is most likely living in a fantasy world.

By the way, after checking the definition of the word ‘discriminate’ it turns out I might be sexist!  But is that a bad thing?  Dictionary please!

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