As promised, I’ve read the entire article in today’s New York Times, “The Dark Reality of Online Sports Betting” which begins on the front page and continues on page A22 under the title, “The Dark Reality of Online Fantasy Sports Betting.”  The article is by Walt Bogdanich, James Gianz, and Agustin Armendariz.

Although I’m not an investigative reporter with the NY Times, I am qualified to discuss the legal process because besides having a master’s degree in criminal justice, I have also completed  all of my classes toward a PhD in Public Policy Administration / Law.  Those classes include “Landmark Supreme Court Decisions,” among others which involve the role administration agencies play in our legal system.  My education, coupled with my connections to several professional handicappers in Las Vegas, gives me credibility that allows me to have unique insight into this subject.

I look forward to discussing it during the midnight radio program, “Midnight Mancave” broadcast via the “Voice of Choice Network.”  You’re more than welcome to call in to discuss your thoughts on both online fantasy sports and the legality of sports betting.  The link to the show is at and the call in number is 914-803-4532.

Update- Actually it might have been two articles and maybe I just got confused and thought that the one “The Dark Reality of Sports Betting” coincided with “The Dark Reality of Online Fantasy Sports Betting.”  Imagine that!   😉