I admit it. I have a “Love-Hate” relationship with “The New York Times.”  Today I was attracted to the front-page article, “The Dark Reality of Online Fantasy Sports Betting” and noticed the clever switch of titles on page A22 where the article is continued under the title “The Dark Reality of Online Fantasy Sports Betting.”  As much as I valued the attention to this topic, I was a bit blown away that the paper failed to have any mention of the Mets win over the Dodgers on the front page.  In fact, not only was there no mention of the Mets’ victory, but “Ex-N.B.A. Star’s Downfall, Played Out on TV” was there instead.

Despite my disappointment that there was no mention of the NY Mets beating the Dodgers on the front page I went ahead and bought the paper anyway. My plan is to read the article[s] about “The Dark Reality of Online Sports Betting” aka “Online Fantasy Sports Betting” before tonight’s “Midnight Mancave” show.

I’ll share more of my thoughts on both the articles and why I’m in favor of legalizing and regulating “sports betting” and “online fantasy sports betting” during tonight’s midnight radio program. If you want to join me feel free to call in and share your thoughts. It’s broadcast via http://www.vocnation.com and called “Midnight Mancave.” The call in number is 914-803-4532. Show airs at midnight EST. If, however, you’re in Vegas and looking to bet on this weekend’s games, you might want to listen to http://www.sportsxradio.com because if you’re going to bet, you’ll want to do your homework.

You’ll find a bit of a prelude to tonight’s “Midnight Mancave” below:

In my opinion, something I’ve said several times already, the NFL’s stance that legalizing sports betting hinders the integrity of the National Football League is flawed. In fact, I would suggest the exact opposite is true. Imagine if you had the option of going to place a wager on sports at a casino vs. the bookie down the street named, “Mr. Gold” or better yet, “Fingers.” I don’t know about you but I might opt to head to the casino.

I hope you’ll join me this evening. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the articles in “The New York Times” because I’ll be reading them during the program, and we can learn all about the dark realities described in today’s paper together.