Earlier this year, while in Vegas during the annual SuperContest weekend, I met up with some very sharp handicappers.  I got invited to participate in a contest called the “Brawl for it All” and I’m the first woman ever to enter.  Now, it’s not as though I think I know what these guys know when it comes to betting, but so far I’ve been holding my own.

The “Brawl for it All” is a contest wherein each week we select five football games [ college or pro ]  that we think will win.  I decided I would focus on college and stay away from the NFL games.  My reason.  I am writing a column for Gaming Today about college football, so it makes sense I stick to college games.

So how am I doing so far?  Well out of sixteen participants, I’m in 8th place.  Of course, those ahead of me include some of the best in Vegas.  Yet, those behind are also among the most elite.  It’s a close race and I’m still in it.