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Not unlike many others who write about fantasy sports and sports betting, I am interested in the legalities of both.  Perhaps @McCannSportsLaw tweeted the best analysis I’ve read thus far out late last week.  If you happened to have missed it, you might want to take a look at Michael McCann’s Twitter Timeline, and consider following him in the future.

When asked whether he thought daily fantasy sports require skill, which if you’ve read the analysis or already know the differential that is qualifier in what can deem fantasy sports legal, Michael affirmed that he believes they most certainly do. I agree.  Whether daily fantasy or season long, I would concur that skill it an element that would provide a fantasy player greater odds at winning.

When the president and founder of a relatively new fantasy sports site, www.OwnthePlay.com appeared on the sports talk radio program I help to promote last week, I was very interested in what he wished to share.   Many of my followers shared texts and DMs with me and suggested that the site is looking to capitalize on the negative PR that the two fantasy giants now face. They wondered just how much I was getting paid to share about the new site, and questioned whether I could, in fact, be unbiased when it comes to @OwnthePlay. That’s a very fair question. If I were to be getting a paycheck from the site, it stands to reason that I might have potential bias. Of course, the same is true for Michael McCann since he writes for Sports Illustrated and SI has a business relationship with one of the big fantasy sites involved in the scandal. [ By the way, Michael disclosed about the relationship between this fantasy site and SI as part of his reporting. ]

I am not paid to endorse “Own the Play” nor am I paid by “SportSXRadio” and although I value the guests on the show because I know the host personally, and I believe he does his very best to provide the public with credible guests who speak candidly and honestly about the topics they discuss, its up to you to assess the information shared. Matt Chatlin, the president and founder of @OwnthePlay shared that the company will voluntarily disclose the information about player ownership on the site prior to selection, and those who play will have access to the same information that those who work for @OwnthePlay have. Does this mean you now have a greater advantage to win? Maybe. However, there’s no doubt that fantasy sports still require a level of skill in order to have a distinct advantage.

I am not so sure I would play fantasy sports for money because I am not sure I know enough about the game to feel confident. For me to engage in fantasy sports that require a great level of skill might be a poor investment. I might be more skilled at sports betting. Then again, it’s not as though if I went over to @OwnthePlay and gave it a shot that I might not get lucky! See what I did there? [ I do admit I would like you to visit the site because it might help show the incredible reach of “SportSXRadio” and because I think the promotion offered to those who follow “SportSXRadio” is a good one.  I do not know whether or not you will win.  Good Luck! ]

IF you want to try your luck or think you have the skill it takes to win at fantasy sports – why not deposit a $1. And use code #SportSX25 ~ you’ll get $25. In your account and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the risk.