This is part of my continuing series of updates about “sports betting” vs “fantasy sports”  … don’t worry if you missed the earlier entries, you can always go back later and check the ‘back story’ so that you have a better understanding of how I got to where I am now, which puts me in a very integral position to dissecting the legalities and regulations  pertaining to sports betting and wagering on fantasy sports. It’s not necessary though, as you will be able to begin here, even if you missed my first entries.  As always please ignore any typos, because at the moment its past midnight where I am, and I decided to put off editing until tomorrow.  

In my last entries I spoke about my pursuit of my Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Policy Administration/ Law.  For those who care, I’ve completed two of my residencies, both in Atlanta, and I have completed all of my classes.  I had secured what’s called a ‘Chair’ and was about to embark on my dissertation research right before Hurricane Sandy.  The residual affects of Hurricane Sandy caused me to lose access to my home for several months, and also put me at a distinct disadvantage when it came to continuing my education.  All the sudden there was no post office in my town, let alone a police station.  This, by the way, caused my credit to become a total mess, because my mail ended up in oblivion. I would end up having to  paying $1500. a month to house my two dogs in a kennel, and I was temporarily homeless.  I’m not sure if any of you have ever been ‘homeless’ but it’s a very strange set of circumstances.  As I sat in the shelter, after nearly losing my life, somehow becoming a doctor was the least of my priorities. [ Note that I could have gone to a friend’s but I stayed at the shelter until the police went back to rescue my dogs.  When I left my home I was told I could bring one suitcase, and I had no choice but to leave my dogs behind.  That’s why I stayed at the shelter, because I thought I had more control to bring attention to my two dogs.  By the way, I got to see a lot while at the shelter, including which corporations were there to help without asking for anything. I added this because I didn’t want anyone to think my family and friends were not there for me, because that’s not the case.  My brother still has the text messages I had sent him when I said “Good Bye’ and thought I would die with my son that night …. trust me getting my PhD because secondary the night Hurricane Sandy hit. ]

Just before Hurricane Sandy, besides working on my PhD,  I was also promoting a sports talk radio program in Vegas.  At that time the radio program, which focused predominantly on sharing sports betting information, was just starting to talk about fantasy sports.  The sponsor of the show, Cantor Gaming, became involved in fantasy sports and I was asked to market Cantor Fantasy.  To make a long story short, I was very excited to help the show’s sponsor, and I never expected to be sitting on what would one day be referred to as a “Million Dollar Domain.”  I suppose it was pure luck when the sponsor went out of the fantasy sports industry soon after entering it, and I would be the owner of this domain.

After Hurricane Sandy, it made perfect sense that I would head out to Vegas. I even thought of moving there but my son was in school in New Jersey, and I am a substitute teacher and was working as a tutor in Drug Court. I was not ready to just up and leave.

Getting back to my “Million Dollar Domain” it’s not as though I’ve gotten the million yet, nor would I say I want that.  What happened?  Why am I stuck sitting on this domain.  And why do I have a domain that’s been said to be one of the best domains in the fantasy sports industry?  What on earth do I know about fantasy sports.   My domain is priceless due to the way interactive marketing with social media, and usage of the hashtag #MNF allow for perfect placement.  What on earth would I do with a million dollars?  Well, honestly I don’t really want a million dollars for the domain, but I would be very happy if I could pay off my student loans and maybe replace my truck that I lost in the hurricane.  I’d also like to buy a dog since I could not stand seeing my dogs in a kennel for so many months, and I finally agreed to let them be adopted.

Wasn’t I supposed to be writing about the integrity of fantasy sports?  Why yes, I was and I promise I’m getting to that.  Actually, I might wait until morning because it’s complicated.  Only, I do know that tonight while listening to the radio program, SportSXRadio, the owner of “Own the Play” came on to talk about transparency in the fantasy sports industry.  It’s all so interesting, isn’t it?  Should employees in the fantasy sports industry have access to ‘inside information’ that puts them at a distinct advantage to play competitively against us little guys?  Talk about ‘getting lucky’ … I mean imagine if you know the guy at Draft Kings who knows something, and he tells two friends and so on, and so on.  Imagine if he tells nobody and he simply heads over the a competing site, and wins big?  How fair is that?

Tonight Matthew Chatlin, the President and Founder of a relatively new player in the fantasy sports industry, “Own the Play” was on the show to talk about integrity and transparency in the fantasy sports industry.  Now remember I spoke about potential bias?  Matt is the founder of a fantasy sports site.  It would be understandable that Matt has a vested interest in seeing this industry succeed.  He might also have a vested interest in having people wish to try their luck at “Own the Play” and therefore this potential bias should be acknowledged.  Yet, it’s not as though Matt spoke about anything other than what his company is doing in response to the recent news that surfaced this week with regard to employees of the major fantasy sports companies winning big at competitor sites.

What I found interesting about the new Matt shared, were his comments about “policy” and how he said it’s not necessarily a time for “policy” and I thought about my studies.  I thought about my PhD that’s on hold, and how I wished his news about revolutionizing the fantasy sports industry was all about how he was going to help me create a great fantasy sports game that would allow me to monetize my domain so that I could return to school.  Yet, as Matt said, now is not a time for “policy” and I realized that we all have our priorities.  I will be back tomorrow to share more about my thoughts about sports betting, fantasy sports, and the policy of integrity in the industry.

Own the Play is a sponsor of “Sports X Radio” and if you want to try your luck at this game, please know it would probably be good if you were skilled at fantasy sports.  You can get good information from several resources including — Trust me fantasy sports involves luck in the same way that poker involves skill.  In my opinion, now is the perfect time for policy, but then again I have to admit, I’m a bit biased because now that I know what it is, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Policy Administration/Law is so me!  Who knew?