‘According to Wikipedia, the world’s most non-scholarly resource, which is chock full of some of the best information, “Spam or SPAM commonly refers to unsolicited, undesired, or illegal email messages.  Included would be general email messages such as private messages on websites, sms, messenger etc., ) SMS by the way is an acronym for “Short Message Service.”This morning someone I value because of the quality information he shares on Twitter, sent me a direct message.  It read as follows:

“Good morning it’s Joe.  Quick question.advice about Twitter.  I consider you a very knowledgeable person on the subject.  What’s the best way to share articles with people?  I was recently told our method of tweeting our stories to people along with the link can be considered Spam and is a very bad idea??  Do you agree?  Thoughts? I do not want to be seen as that type of account or business.  Thanks!!”

Just like fantasy sports, Twitter and social media are relatively new and are evolving. We are all just learning about the infinite value of tweets.  In answer to Joe’s question, I understand why some might think it’s Spam when they are tagged in a tweet with a link, but others might see it as a sign of respect.  For example, if Joe is sharing an article about domestic violence in the NFL, and he thinks that I am someone who has experience about that particular subject, he may wish for me to read the article.  He may realize that because I am flooded with tweets, the odds of my seeing his article in a random tweet would be unlikely.  So Joe might tag me so that there is a greater chance that I become aware of the article.  Whether or not that is Spam, could be in the eye of the beholder.  Me, I would welcome the tweet and inclusion of the link.  Others might not.  It’s probably up to Joe to be prudent with how many times and just who he selects to tag in the tweet[s].

One time I got a tweet from someone who was sharing about a non-profit organization.  Was it Spam?  Maybe.  Yet, it lead me to learn about a powerful organization that he happened to be racing for and I not only interviewed him about his racing, but I also connected with several people whom I now consider in my “inner circle” and became empowered by the information.

Sometimes people will send me links and include a message that says, “Thanks for sharing, Michelle” and there is a link in the tweet.  Many times those sorts of tweets go unnoticed or when I do notice them, I choose not to click on the link.  That’s because I don’t know the person sending the tweet, and I am leery that it might be Spam.  Sometimes I get fooled because I click on the link and find that it lead me to an advertisement for sites that are likely part of some sort of advertising marketing campaign often referred to as “junk mail” aka Spam.

The beauty of Twitter is you do not have to follow others.  You also choose to ignore messages and set your settings in a manner that allow you to have a confidential account that is protected.  This will likely alleviate any chance of Spam getting to you.  Protecting your account may also limit your social media reach.  Yet, that might be something that works for you because you might prefer to have privacy and only share your thoughts and messages with those you select to communicate with, the choice is entirely up to you

My social media story is phenomenal.  It’s inclusive of qualitative data, and I’ve reached the world.  Did I break social media rules along the way?  Maybe.  I can’t be sure.  Yet, I might also have created new and innovative marketing strategies as a result that may one day change the way we do business.

Getting back to Joe’s message, should he share his articles with a select few, and then look to introduce a conversation on his Timeline?  Maybe.  It might make sense not to tweet all you know in a consecutive manner, and just share the same article over and over.  A better idea might be to share the article with a select few and just ask that they read it because you value you their opinion and/or work.  The odds are that if it’s an insightful article demonstrating both intellect that includes an intellectual perspective, people will read it and they will likely share.