Today I had a conversation with a former NFL player.  He called me in the middle of the day and although I did not recognize his number, once I heard his voice on the other end of the phone, I recognized him right away.  “Michelle, how are you?” he asked.  Then he proceeded to tell me the reason for his call.

The reason for his call is not relevant at the moment, but what I would like to share is what we discussed that was unrelated.  We talked about my most recent date, his getting involved with my latest fantasy project, and how social media and fantasy are taking the world by storm.  Then we talked about how the media can contribute to the problems they report on when they sensationalize school shootings, and put a criminal’s name in lights.

NFL Domestic Violence is a ‘Hot Topic’ and sadly many in the media seem more focused on reminding of us why Greg Hardy was suspended than speaking about his playing ability.