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Before I continue about why legalized sports betting can hinder the integrity of professional sports, let me tell you that legalized sports betting can also do much to enhance the integrity of professional sports. You see, what I’ve learned as I pursued my education into the labyrinth of the law, is that it all depends upon which side you take. If I’m sitting in law school, and I get asked to write a paper on why sports betting can hinder the integrity of the National Football League, rest assured I would be able to come up with several points and I’d be able to find scholarly articles that support my case. Of course, if I was given the task of coming up with several reasons why sports betting can enhance the integrity of the National Football League, I’d be able to find material on that, too. If not, I’d have something to study and it would be fun to be the first to state my case, and back it up with my position paper.

Now some will tell you that fantasy sports are not forms of legalized gambling. They will likely share about the law that makes this so and they will rest their case on the legal platform. Fantasy sports are classified under section “such and such” and are defined as “such and such” and therefore they are not sports betting. That will work, too. For now.

Eventually people will begin to scratch their heads and say, “Wait, just a minute.” These fantasy sports sure look like sports betting, and how can they not impede the integrity of the National Football League? Those are valid questions. I have been asking myself the same questions for a few years now. Most people in the fantasy sports industry, and avid fantasy players tend to dismiss me as some silly girl with dumb questions.  All the while, these people are probably hoping I just go away. Nobody likes to upset the apple cart when they are enjoying the delicious fruit.  Of course, there are some who do not dismiss me or my ability.  And those people are those I would include in my list of some of the top “Sports Law” attorneys on the planet.  To them, I would like to say, “Thank you.”

Let me assure you I am not going to try to upset the apple cart. If anything, I wish to throw in some recipes. I’m not averse to legalized fantasy sports. I’m also not averse to legalized sports betting. I do, however, believe they are both equally capable of hindering and/or enhancing professional sports.

I will eventually share several points on both sides of the table but all I would like to ask now, is that you take a moment and ask yourself, if you have any bias? Do you play fantasy sports? Do you own a fantasy sports company? Are you sponsored by a fantasy sports company? If the answer is yes, then you might be biased. You might say you’re capable of removing bias from the assessment, but it is very important that you at least acknowledge the bias. For example, if you are the CEO of Draft Kings, you are likely to view all the reasons why fantasy sports are legit. If you are the “NFL Commish” and you risk having your industry subjected to regulations once sports betting becomes the norm, you might want to keep the government off your tail, and you will do all you can to convince yourself and others, that fantasy sports are different from gambling.  But why? What would legalizing sports betting throughout the  United States do that the National Football League is so afraid of?  Or are they merely trying to protect the integrity of the league?  [ I would insert a double cough here, but that would be mean! ]