Just when we were about to sit down and watch the Wildcard game, the National Football League manages to take center stage again. My brother who hosts a national sports talk radio show is preparing his show and he’s focused on the National Football League and what happened in the Monday night game. Wait, isn’t it supposed to be all about baseball today? How does the National Football League time things so perfectly? Roger Goodell is a genius! Surely, the ineptness of the officials will only lead to more talks about the NFL. Poor baseball!!!
Then again isn’t it the Major League that invested so heavily in fantasy? Could it be that those intelligent minds over at the Major League are the masterminds behind those commercials? Who knows?
As long as we have something to talk about!
Before my brother signed off to get some sleep, and I suggested that someone ought to have a cartoon with a baseball about to get the glory, and then the Roger Goodell bats him out of the limelight. Ken suggested that I look to Google the skit with George Carlin comparing baseball to football. Poor baseball!!! Of course, the cartoon to the left could feature a skit with “Mr. MLB” taking all of those fantasy chips to the bank!