Imagine if you had money on the game? It was ‘Straight Up’ and every thing was riding on the Lions winning the game and then Calvin Johnson gets into the end zone. Imagine if Calvin was on your fantasy team. Only there is no touchdown.
Last night during the Monday Night Football game there was a controversial call that ended up costing the Detroit Lions the game. Tweets were flying in all over the place. Although it was past midnight on the East coast, my phone was ringing and my brother who happens to be one of the best authorities on sports was calling to alert me to the ridiculousness of the call.
By now the NFL has admitted that there was a mistake made that cost the Lions the game. Oh, and the League has announced that they will talk about the rule, and the lack of review of judgment calls during their off season meetings. Here we go again! Somehow by hook or by crook the National Football League always manages to steal the show in October with drama.
Apparently the call was a subjective call and the NFL does not like to review subjective calls. What’s crazy is the NFL thinks that sports betting can hinder the integrity of the game. What about officials who have the power to make or break a game and have it go in favor of one team over the other? What if the Seahawks make the playoffs because of this one win? Imagine how this one call impacted those who bet on the Lions to win straight up? Should the NFL have a committee at their HQ that would be made up of an odd number of people that operate like the Supreme Court to decide if a subjective call should be overturned? Should there be rules that forbid the NFL from having ridiculousness during baseball season? Okay, I’m just kidding about that last one but it is strange how there’s always drama from the NFL right before the MLB playoffs are about the unfold. What if the Lions were not 0-3, what if this was done to the Patriots? What could be done to make it up to the Lions and their fans? Well, I’m not sure I have the answers but I do have lots of questions. Only, I’ll save the rest for after the MLB games. Who’s on first?
Looking Up