So many times I see tweets expressing frustration about how are  others playing off of Andrew Luck’s name.  I do it all the time.  I make no apologies.  It’s not that I mean to overplay it but it’s just that ‘luck’ is  such an important element in fantasy, and Luck is such a key player on any fantasy team.  I think.

The Indianapolis Colts will likely play Luck this week when they face the Houston Texans in the upcoming Thursday night game.  Crazy thing with injuries.  According to a report I read that is posted over at the National Football League’s official website, “they found no structural damage to explain why he was experiencing some soreness, just some bruising in his throwing shoulder.”

This week during our weekly ‘dating show’ we will talk about luck and Luck.  That’s because we’ll be using the second hour of the show to introduce football, fashion and fantasy into the show.  Pamela Michelle aka @SportyDiva has played fantasy football and is heavily involved in other fantasy sports.  We’ll also take time to talk about the college games that are taking place.  This week one of the games on deck is Washington at USC.  It’s just our luck that Trojans happen to be playing.  Talk about timing!

Oh and if we’re lucky Joe Lisi, the host of “Go for the 2” on Yahoo! Sports Radio will call in to talk about why it’s very important to “go for the 2” — sxm