Do you know much about the case in Georgia?  Up until yesterday I had not heard of Kelly Gissendaner.  Then I noticed a tweet from one of my followers on Twitter.  He commented about how she is a sociopath and how he had little sympathy for her fate.  Her fate, by the was, was handed to her last night by the State of Georgia when she was executed.  Apparently, she was the only woman on Georgia’s Death Row.  Actually it was early this morning that she was killed.  At 12:21 a.m. at the state prison in Jackson.  Why was she being put to death? Apparently several years ago Ms. Gissendaner conspired with her lover to kill her husband.  Then, as luck would have it, her lover conspired with the judicial authorities to cop a plea so that he received a lighter sentence.  Pretty sure he’s doing life, and she was given the death penalty for her part in the crime.  I don’t know much about the case other the brief summaries I’ve read this morning.  My initial thoughts > If she conspired to kill her husband, and thought nothing of having him lose his life, then I’m just not so sure I have any reason to feel too much sorrow about her losing something equally precious.