I’m not crazy, by the way, but sometimes I’ve been accused of thinking.  I know it’s a terrible thing.  “You think too much!” is a statement I’ve heard over and over.  That comes right after suggestions that I simple be myself.  Well, I am being myself when I think and it’s something I am not likely to change.

Sometimes I sit back and watch the world go by and then all the sudden a thought will come to mind and I realize I’m not much different that those other folks who dared to think and come up with ideas that made little sense to so many.  I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t so much care about the approval of others and usually when I’m accused of thinking too much, I know that I’ve just gone ahead and caused someone discomfort because I’ve challenged a belief that they have held on to for so long.  Heaven forbid they actually open up their own mind.

“You march to the beat of your own drum.”

“The problem with you is, you think too much!”

I know, I know.  Onward!