This week I had the pleasure of interviewing someone who claims to have a passion for truth.  He believes whole heartedly that Jerry Sandusky is innocent.  Crazy, right?  I mean everyone knows that Jerry Sandusky is guilty, right?  In truth, I don’t know for sure that he is guilty of all that he was accused of doing, as I did not follow the trial closely.  I do know that based on what I’ve heard from Mr. Sandusky’s own admission, he put himself in incredibly compromising situations and because he did so, the likelihood of anyone thinking he is not guilty of the crimes he was charged with is slim.  People don’t really tend to give guys who take showers with teenage boys the benefit of the doubt.  Could it have happened as Jerry Sandusky claims, I think it could have.  That being said, this is not to imply that anyone is consciously lying about their recollection of events, but there are times when therapists can suggest things, memories can be faded, and victims can embellish stories.  Does that matter?  Let’s assume for a moment that all Jerry Sandusky did was take showers with teenage boys and touch their legs, what would the appropriate punishment be? I’m still wrestling with the complexity of it all.  The questions that fly around on Twitter regarding this matter, are often irrelevant.  For example, why would a teenage boy continually hang out with someone who rapes them?  Well that’s easy, because victims sometimes do not come forward and they continue to stay with their abuser.  Why would Joe Paterno allow his grandchildren to be around Jerry Sandusky?  Obviously, because he did not see Jerry Sandusky as a threat to them.  Doesn’t prove anything though ….. It’s truly sad what happened with regard to Penn State.  I hate the thought that a university and a community allowed football to be more important that humanity.  I do not think that should ever happen.  I’m not sure that it did happen.  I am not sure what happened.  I do not think that media was fair.  I do not think it’s unfathomable to think that the accused was unlikely to get a fair trial in the face of the incredible media frenzy.  It’s just crazy the way the media takes something with little basis and runs with it.  Was it always this crazy?  We really need to  pay attention.  It’s scary, actually, how so many prefer to remain in denial rather than delve deeper, and yet the deeper one delves the more one realizes why nobody does.   I’ll continue to learn more about what happened …. it’s been an interesting week.