It’s probably impossible to know for sure.  Does one form a charity to have a tax write off, or does one form a charity because they truly care about the victims?  Years ago I formed a non-profit organization, and did all the work involved with getting it approved as a 501-3c organization.  It was formed because I cared, not because I wanted any tax write off.  I cared about educating others about misuse of power.  About the same time, Joe Torre also formed a similar organization.  While his organization now has Red Carpet events and serves over 45, 000 students through countless school-wide campaigns, mine is just a small organization that works in a somewhat anonymous manner helping individuals ….

This past week I was invited to cover an event that was in celebration of Joe Torre’s charity.  I would like to think that Joe Torre formed the charity for all the right reasons, and that those in attendance were there to support his mission to help educate about domestic violence.  I have a pretty good feeling that Joe Torre is a good guy, and that he  cares deeply about the victims of DV.  Speaking with his wife Ali about the significance of the charity, and speaking with Joe Torre only re-affirmed this belief.

Still though, sometimes I feel like a total loser.  It’s probably safe to say that many of us ‘regular people’ feel that way.  While movie stars and pro-athletes have their name in lights, the rest of us barely get by.  My sister is married to a Hall of Fame Rock Star and she is convinced she is the most successful in our family.  Of course, one person’s criteria for measuring success, as well as, one’s definition of success might be relevant when comparing successful status.  Still it’s times like these, when I reflect on the lack of tangible accomplishments I’ve made that I can get down on myself and compare myself to those who seem to be far more successful. It’s times like these that the words to the song, Simple Man can come in handy.  To be successful doesn’t require a hefty pay check, or having your name in lights.  Remember, [ and thanks for reminding me ] that all you really need is in your soul …. sxm