I cannot believe how things have changed over the years.  Definitely safe to say, ‘Never say never’ has a earned its place on my list of treasured quotes.  Take for example, that yesterday I found myself cheering for Tom Brady over Peyton Manning.  A few years ago, just before Luck entered the scene, I would have never bet on that.  I didn’t like Tom Brady or the Patriots.  Of course, I had little to base that judgment on, but let’s just say I did not like him for silly reasons that made sense at the time.  On a sub or unconscious level he probably reminded me of that guy from U Conn I dated, but okay so who ever thinks about things like this as deeply … but I just thought he was uppity.  Those same few years ago, I liked Peyton Manning.  He was the QB for the Colts, and the Colts are my brother’s team.  So that’s probably why he was a ‘shoe-in’ but he also seemed down to earth, and I think I found his commercials to be funny.  I remember the one where he is on the hotel balcony, and he just seemed like a ‘nice guy’ so yep, I had an affinity for Peyton Manning.

Then things changed.  Manning got traded to Denver, and because I rooted for the Raiders, well that’s enough to cause me to toss the shoe.  I was conflicted though because Peyton was one of the good guys on my list.  I’m sure those of us who follow sports all have ‘that list’ …. so what’s a girl to do?  Well I did not so much toss Peyton off my list, and I sort of rooted for him until last year.  Just before the Superbowl I felt my affinity for Peyton changing.  Why was that?  Meanwhile, I was beginning to develop this new found respect for Tom Brady.  So what do you think happened to cause me to change my view, and then after yesterday, change it back again?  It was the moment I heard Peyton Manning say he ‘sucked’ …. he’s back on the list ~ sxm