It’s interesting how so many times people who profess to value a person’s exercising their Constitutional rights, have an issue when someone chooses to do so.  Especially when free speech is concerned.  It’s as though if someone doesn’t agree with us on something, we want to label those people as idiots, rather than simply respect that they simply don’t share our same mindset.  Chances are we probably all do it, at times.  When a person shares an opinion or a behavior that is contrary to something we believe, some of us feel free to use words like ‘idiot’ as though it’s nothing.  For example, this morning someone said that he hoped people who felt the nurse who did not wish to remain in quarantine, and was therefore labeled by some as a ‘selfish nurse’ because she refused to do so, felt like idiots.  I’m not sure why anyone who felt that the nurse exhibited selfish behavior should feel like an idiot.  I’m one of those people who felt that she was selfish and I don’t think I’ll change my mind about that.  I also don’t think her testing negative for Ebola, makes her any less selfish or give sufficient evidence to support that I should feel like an idiot.

The reason I felt she was selfish, has much to do with the way she handled the matter, base on what I know. That being said, I’ll be among the first to say that the media reports about something can present anything in a manner that allows very little fact, and a whole lot of hype.  So I don’t know if I were to gain more information, that I would change my opinion but based on what I know, I found her behavior selfish.

I admire her for her conviction though, and if she truly felt that she was not a threat to anyone, felt that her scientific data was superior to the government’s data, and if she did not feel she was exposing anyone at all to a deadly disease then I’m sure it matters not what I felt.  That being said, when a government asks you to respect a quarantine that is temporary for the sake of its people, and you have an opportunity to talk with the media to share and articulate about the deadly disease in a manner that we could all learn, I think that would have been a more thoughtful approach.  If she disagreed that she was a threat, and should not be quarantined I don’t see why she didn’t just do a peaceful protest, from within the quarantine and have someone report as opposed to defying and threatening to sue.

My thoughts on her threat to others, has much to do with my own understanding of the disease which I learned last year far before this disease was front page news.  I happened to be substituting a class last year, and perhaps it was a coincidence that the lesson of that day was a story about the Ebola outbreak that occurred years ago.  I read aloud as the children who weer ‘middle school age’ read silently.  We learned about the risks, and the deadly outbreak as part of our reading an assignment in English class.  So I do know a bit about it, and my decision to think the nurse’s behavior was selfish, is not based on no knowledge of the decision.  It’s unfair of anyone to assume I know nothing about the disease, when they have not bothered to inquire just what I know.

When using scientific data to back up a stance, many will find a study that supports their view. Those of us who take the time to understand the totality of circumstance usually end up knowing that none of us know much at all, and that there is so much more we need to learn.  That being said, if I were asked to be in quarantine or even made to be quarantined because the U.S. government thought that my being among the general population was a threat to others, I would not defy the quarantine.  If I was asked to stay in my home for a period of three weeks, just to assure others that I was not a threat, I think I might do so.  I just would not wish to expose others if there was a chance I might.  I just don’t think any of us know enough about the disease yet, and I think it would have been more selfless of her to agree to the quarantine and if the conditions were not to her liking, then have reporters come to her and share about it.  It was her defiance that seemed to be so disheartening to me.  It was as though she cared only about herself, and her knowledge without any regard for anyone else.

You don’t have to agree with me.  That’s your prerogative but my thoughts and my opinion do not make me an idiot.  They are simply my thoughts and my opinion.  If someone doesn’t believe in God, and they come to a conclusion to be an atheist that’s their right.  For all we know, God might not exist.  I mean there is no scientific proof that He does, right?  Yet, if God showed up one day, I certainly would not suggest anyone who didn’t believe in Him should feel like an idiot, nor would I relish in them doing so.  People have a right to believe what they believe, and hopefully one day we will all be more mindful that someone subscribing to values or opinions other than our own, does not make them idiots.  That being said, to behave in a vial manner just because you don’t agree with someone is nothing I would applaud.  That, however, is a different subject all together ~ sxm