compassSomebody took a moment in time to write the following in an email to me today:

Seriously Michelle, wow! It takes a lot of courage to express the kind of experiences you put into your articles. The points you make are completely valid, written with so much intensity, they are incredible! I am so intrigued by how you are pushing for the world to see sexy in their own self, rather than how it is perceived by others.

As for your rape article, I want to go further in depth with my questions, if that is okay. I feel that is more suited for a conversation…”

It meant so much to me just knowing that somebody is reading my work, and understands what I’m trying to accomplish.  There’s so much brain washing in the world, about and we all fall prey to thinking the grass is always greener, at times.  Tim McGraw has a song the begins with a line something like, “Cover of a magazine, nothing but a paper dream, just another fantasy for sale …” I just think we need to be more mindful of what truly matters.  It’s not that we don’t know, I just think sometimes we forget … sxm