I’m watching the news and there is a story about harassment in New York City, where people saying, “Hey Beautiful” to a woman as she walks down the street is deemed to be harassment. I’m wondering what others think about this. Is it really harassment, when a man says, “Hey, Beautiful.” to a woman as she crosses the street.  I think it’s a classic case of how stats can be so incredibly bs because someone reading a report about harassment on NYC streets might define harassment as something far different.  Depending upon the tone and context, it might be a compliment and I would think the appropriate response might simply be, “Thank you” …. Of course, it could be creepy and it’s probably best not to talk to strangers, but sometimes general gestures might be appropriate.  A person might wish to trust their intuition here.  I’ve often found men who say things like this are truly attempting to be complimentary, and not rude at all.  Do I think it’s wrong for a man to compliment a woman he doesn’t know as she walks down the street?  Not always …. I think deeming this as harassment can be a stretch. ~ sxm  [ no doubt someone would find a way to arrest someone for it so you may want to refrain or simply say, “You look beautiful” instead of “Hey, Beautiful” but who knows that might have made the charts, too. ]

Reflections - sxm photo

Reflections – sxm photo