#NBA #Twitter and #Hashtags

Thought I would share the latest news about Twitter’s expansion with its sports content.  There’s actually a show dubbed “The Starters Twitter Show” and another, “The Warmup.”  Additionally, there are several new hashtags which will trigger Twitter emojis for all 30 teams.

Major League Baseball, no stranger to Twitter, also released new World Series stickers: 2 World Series ( sports drink bath and a replica of Commissioner’s Trophy) and 3 each for the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs.  Additionally,  fans will also be able to continue using the hashtag triggered emojis #WorldSeries, #RallyTogether and #FlytheW throughout the World Series.


#JoshBrown #RayRice and #RickPitino

What do Josh Brown, Ray Rice and Rick Pitino have in common?  Well, for one thing all three with be the topic of conversation during tonight’s #PanishPerspective that airs during the ‘live’ show here in Vegas, on 720 AM KDWN.

Brian Panish, one of the most prominent legal minds in our country joins host, Ken Thomson, and myself to discuss the various aspects of the issues pertaining to the NFL and the NY Giants stance on Josh Brown’s domestic violence, and the issues concerning possible NCAA sanctions on Rick Pitino, Head Coach of Louisville Men’s Basketball.

Do you think women are better equipped to deal with the management or handling of sanctions when it comes down to punitive damages against a domestic violence abuser?  Is physical violence that includes striking someone with their fist, such as the way Ray Rice did in the elevator at Revel, more dangerous than verbal attacks?

Have you been there?  In the shoes of an abuser or a victim of abuse?  If so, you might have a biased opinion on the matter.  I’ve studied domestic violence  and met countless victims.  We talk about it tonight on SportSXRadio, at 7:30 pm PST.  Follow the show account on Twitter, @SportSXRadio and tweet your thoughts.  Include hashtag #PanishPerspective.




Why I’d #VoteYes on #Raiders moving to LV …. and other morning musings

Seriously, psyched that the Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, is pumped up about the possibility of moving to Las Vegas.  Equally excited for all those in Vegas, who will have the opportunity to finally show the world that Vegas means business!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Vegas aren’t all about fantasy, although that could be in the mix, too!! Imagine a stadium built with the fantasy player in mind, here in Las Vegas, for the entire world to experience.  It’s a ‘win-win’ for this city and the National Football League.

The NFL commissioner is not a stupid man.  He might say he wants the team to stay in Oakland, and of course, he’s not going to publicly push for the team to leave its home base, but behind the scenes, he’s likely cheering about the idea.  Vegas are changing and evolving right they’re with the NFL.  So too, is the gaming.

There’s so much I could add about why it makes perfect sense for the NFL to have a team here in Vegas, and why the badass Raiders is the perfect match.  If for some reason, the NFL owners do not approve the move…. actually let’s not even go there, because it’s better to remain positive and let this fantasy play out into the real world.

Those who know me best know that before there was an affinity for the Cowboys, there my wardrobe consisted of silver and black during NFL season.  It was only when I began working with the sports talk radio program here in Vegas, that I chose to adopt another favorite team, and that’s all because I tried to keep my true self, somewhat private.  Not that I didn’t love being taken in by Cowboys’ nation, nor was my passion for cowboys false….

Everybody’s got a story about why they have a favorite team, and some of us have two teams we root for because, well because there are times when things happen in one’s life that causes one to take a detour, and when it comes to building the perfect fantasy team, it’s okay to have two loves.

So a message to the #Flowers this morning, and to the leader of the pack, let’s #Vote Yes for the team moving to Vegas.  For so many reasons, let’s show the world that Vegas mean business!

#LegNV #FashionablyLace


When you think of legwear, do you think of stockings, thigh highs, patterns and lace?  Tonight I spent time doing some research about hosiery for an article I’m writing for a new magazine that’s set to debut very soon.  Who knew there’s so much to learn about hosiery?  Dating back to ancient Greece, ‘stockings’ have been worn by both men and women, and at times served more of a purpose, while other times served more of a status symbol.  It’s truly wonderful to see legwear making a comeback this year, and I am looking forward to learning more about the fashion trends, doing my homework and independently representing one of the most amazing fashion icon’s legwear.


Marilyn Monroe legwear


The world was once flat, or so they said ( my vision about #TWTR was ahead of the curve )

Can you imagine what it was like for those folks who spread those awful lies about the world being round?  I mean, the nerve of those folks, to try to poke holes in what was thought to be so, and then go ahead and prove it.  Wonder what it was like to actually admit you were wrong, after calling all those who thought the world was round, fools?

If you’ve followed my journey to Vegas, from back in the day, when I was sharing about how I felt that traditional marketing was changing, and those in the sports industry would be using Twitter, and other forms of social media as mainstream to provide value to programming, then you already know about the struggles I’ve had, and how difficult it’s been.  There have been days I’ve wanted to run back home, because my ideas seem to fall upon deaf ears, and the overall concept of turning my fantasy into reality, especially in the likes of ‘Sin City’ seem futile.

Yet, with each passing day, I see more and more signs that I’m on the right track, and deep inside I’ve always known, that I was following something that made sense, even though it’s been so very hard when I’ve been so far ahead of the curve, and ‘nay sayers’ loom everywhere.

This year, on Columbus Day, I’m going to make it appoint to congratulate myself for being someone who stayed true to myself, followed the road less traveled, and remind myself that just because the rest of the world doesn’t believe in your dream, or has just not gotten to the same point you’re at, does not mean you should quit.  If you hold on, you never know when you’ll reach your landing point, where things begin to make sense, rewards begin to pay off, and others look to join you, and applaud you for being a leader.



This morning my journey to Vegas takes on a different form as I debut a new podcast which will include a retroactive view of how I managed to land in Vegas, my view about sports betting, and my top five college picks based on all the wrong reasons.  Pat Boner, my former co-host from ‘Midnight Mancave’ will join me for this half hour show broadcast via www.VocNation.com

Glossary of terms

SU = Straight Up

ATS = Against the Spread

#Cowboys & #Indians

Did you happen to hear tonight’s #PanishPerspective segment on SportSXRadio?  During the segment I got to share my thoughts, in what felt like fifty words or less, whether I felt that the term ‘Redskins’ is one that should be changed, to something less disparaging.  Such an interesting topic, and one which I have no real vested interest in, in a sense, because its not as though I own the team.  Heck, I’m not even a fan.  No disrespect, just root for opposing team, and prefer the Cowboys.

When it comes to making laws, should it matter if there is inherent or acquired bias?  Can anyone with a vested interest, namely the team owner, have an objective view?  It’s truly doubtful, and more like impossible.

Should the government have a say in what the team name is when it comes to a professional sports league?  I remember when I was younger, in the second grade, and our ‘reading group’ was charged with the assignment of coming up with a ‘team name.’  I think we came up with something, so utterly common, like the ‘Monsters’ or something but I wonder what our teacher would have said, if we had chosen a term that has been defined as something that is disparaging toward other individuals.  Would it have been acceptable?

Many argue that a high percentage of Native American Indians want the team’s name to remain as is, only I’m not so sure that I agree that it should be up to them.  It just seems that laws are supposed to be decided by those who are not bias, and do not necessarily have a stake.  Similar to the show The Voice perhaps judges should decide cases based solely on the facts at hand, and not the set of circumstance.  For example, first determine if the name is derogatory, and then decide if the professional league should ‘grandfather’ the name since back in the day it was okay to have a derogatory name.  Not to mention that this is football, and football is supposed to be mean and ruthless, so what’s in a name?

One of the cool things about being a guest during the #PanishPerspective is we do not have to agree on the matters we discussed.  During tonight’s segment, I think we sort of agreed to disagree.

My personal opinion about the matter, matters not.  What matters more, is the law.







#BetsLikeAGirl #ComingSoon

Random Update ( my #VegasDiary ) I’ve written my first article for Gaming Today News, seen my a rock concert at House of Blues, went to a cocktail party over at Intrigue (Wynn Resorts), hung out with some very cool folks over at Steiner’s Pub, and helped promote the radio show over at the Golden Nugget last Friday night.  I’ve even managed to land an interview with a charter school, but I decided not to go since the school was a bit far away from where I’m living.  I’m missing the beach but enjoying the mountain views, and there’s always something going on either downtown or on The Strip, so it’s not like I’m lacking for things to do.

My current blog post, this one, is actually being written because I’m required to promote a blog post, so this is sort of random, and it’s just enough to get a passing grade.  I’d spend some time writing about Colin’s socks again, and all the ridiculousness I’ve heard today about… On second thought, I’ll skip that topic for now.  Sometimes it’s enough to turn off the noise.

Oh and http://www.mondaynightfashion.com is sort of kicking it tonight with black and yellow or red and gold (is it gold?) … and a new blog starts soon, only it’ll be housed here.  It’ll feature my new podcast, all about betting, novice betting and being clueless in Vegas.  #BetsLikeAGirl #Comingsoon www.betslikeagirl.com

In honor of my mother …

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring – Marilyn Monroe

One of the first memories of my mother is when I was peering through a screen window, at a woman who exited a car, and came over to see me.  She had a green dress on, and I swear she was the most stunning woman I’d ever seen.  Eloquent and feminine and someone I would have loved to emulate.  At the time, I had no idea she was my mother.

Years, later I would learn that the beautiful woman in the green dress, was the woman who carried me for nine months, during which time she struggled so desperately to hold on to her marriage to my father. The marriage ended soon after my birth, and circumstances would unfold in a manner that would cause my mother and I to be separated for the first thirteen years of my life. In fact, I grew up believing someone else was my mother, and lies upon lies would be told, and it would take quite sometime before I would understand all that happened.

Even though my mother was not there during my formative years, and although there were times that I questioned the circumstances that lead up to that reality, I would come to realize that her not being with me, had more to do with her own lack of understanding just how special she truly was, and how deserving she was of so much more than pain.

My mother loved Elizabeth Taylor, and old movies such as Giant, Gone with the Wind, and  anything by Alfred Hitchcock.  We used to get blankets and sit in front of the television and she would explain to me which actress was involved with which actor ‘back in the day’ and I would develop an intense crush on Gregory Peck, because of my mother’s education about Hollywood actors.

My mother would do her makeup in the dining room, and one time she got mad at me for borrowing her cover-up.  I still remember her telling me that it would ruin my skin because it was for women ‘over forty.’ At that time, my mother might have been ‘over forty’ but you would never know.  People would always say we looked like sisters anytime they saw us out, and in my eyes she was as wonderful as any of the Hollywood actresses she admired.

If I could give my mother something special, it would have been the knowledge that she was loved more than she ever could possibly imagine, missed more than she’d ever be able to fathom, and understanding that I am grateful for all she did for me.

My mother was not perfect.  Of course, none of us are that.  My fondest memories of my mother include her dancing in the living room.  She used to wonder what we did on dates, because when she was younger, guys loved to dance.  She was confused by the way we just ‘hung out’ and it bothered her to see chivalry die.  To this day, I can remember her telling me to never walk with a cigarette, because ladies don’t do that.  My mother was always on her daughters for things like that . . . It took her a long time to get comfortable wearing bluejeans to church, and she just felt it was cool to show respect.

My thoughts are wondering as they tend to do, and I am thinking of the time my sister Barbaranne came to Manhattan and we went shopping at Saks.  Barb, bought some makeup and I asked her if I could have the bag.  “You really are Mommy’s daughter,” she said.  As I looked in my closet this evening, as I got ready to pack to head to Los Angeles for the mass in honor of her life, I noticed the bags I’ve collected since coming to Vegas.

I just smiled and thought about all the times I’ve gone shopping with my mother.  We walked on Rodeo Drive, just the two of us, and Jermaine Jackson came by in his Rolls Royce.  It was as though the sea parted, and he came into the store to buy a camera.  She used to eat a bowl of lima beans for dinner, which I thought was totally gross!  Isn’t it crazy the things you remember?  All of what I’m sharing are special memories to me though, simply because they are the fondest of times, shared with my mother.

What he said, regarding Colin K’s socks

The following is a response from someone whose opinion I respect very much, with regard to Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  I thought I would share since it’s not just my opinion that matters.  Read on …
“With regard to Kaepernick sitting down during the national anthem and wearing “cops as pigs” socks, well, I cannot claim to be unbiased or fair. However, as someone who was trained as a historian, the first thing I do is place what he did into a historical context. In this case, I would look at athletes in the past who have protested against the U.S. government and its institutions, so I’d go back to the ’68 Olympics where John Carlos and Tommy Smith gave the black power salute to protest continuing racism in the United States. Also, while everyone seems to remember Muhammed Ali with great fondness and respect, many people forget or weren’t around, when he was publically vilified for refusing induction into the Army to serve in Vietnam. So, it seems to me that what Kaepernick did by sitting down during the national anthem seems to be part of a tradition that stretches back almost half a century. I read the full text of what he said and I thought it was logically consistent and very articulate. It’s not about a lack of respect for the military or the people of the U.S. HIs is a very pointed criticism of how police are trained or not trained in this case and the deadly consequences that can (and have) resulted from that. The lack of safety that African-Americans have had at the hands of governmental authorities must also be placed into its socio-cultural historical context that began with slavery. If you are interested in reading about this, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book, Between the World and Me is brilliantly written from both a personal and historical view. Whenever you think you know what he’s going to say next, he adds something unexpected that will surprise you and make you think differently…or at least give you the opportunity to view things differently. Personally, I couldn’t put it down that how compelling a story it is. Actually, it’s really a long letter that he is writing to his son…
P.S. I never got to the “pig socks”. In brief, I understand what he’s doing, but personally, I think wearing them is more provocative and more easily misconstrued. Does that mean that all police are “pigs”? If so, then I would argue that’s not the case, but, if you’re black, you can’t tell which cops are going to treat you with respect and which aren’t, so we’re still left with his original assertion concerning institutionalized police brutality directed primarily against people of color.”