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My Facebook status this morning:

Since 2012, I’ve been on a mission to bridge the gap between radio and social media, and keep radio relevant as more and more people turn to social media feeds to get their information. It is my belief that auditory, kinetic and visual means of teaching are most effective when used collectively. As the world continues to evolve at a pace faster than what seems to be, the speed of light, I long to help those who are older maintain a competitive edge, I have managed to use my brain, heart and courage to reveal my struggles with body dysmorphic disorder, and help myself heal in a way I never thought possible. Initially, the photos I posted on Facebook were done so because I wanted to help someone who was struggling with drug addiction, overcome and learn that it’s never too late to change patterns he thought were ingrained as a result of conditioning. Eventually, my photos became part of marketing an idea to create a the ultimate fantasy game using the domain and market it with the hashtag ‪#‎MNF‬ which reaches millions during the Monday Night Football game. This video was created by Facebook, not me but the photos are mine. They are untouched and were shared on Instagram and LInkedIn in hopes of securing sponsors for the Monday Night Fantasy segment. They are meant to show my respect for Marilyn Monroe whose legacy is phenomenal. It is amazing that to this day, and most likely forever, she will remain such an iconic sex symbol. The red shoes are symbolic of Dorothy’s venture down that Yellow Brick Road. They were inspired by my newfound passion for a band I happened to see play Sunset Station Hotel & Casino called, quite simply, Yellow Brick Road. As I travel back to Vegas to continue to promote my dream of making something special in the ‪#‎FantasySports‬ world, and work to further grow my social media marketing business, I do so with a deep respect for my ability to reason, care, and let go of fear. Brains, courage and a heart were things I’ve always had, only as I got older, I have come to realize that it is those things that make me most beautiful. Thank you for taking time to help support and share about my goals. I look forward to seeing you in Vegas throughout football season, and beyond.

#RyanLochte #DarrenSharper #SportsBetting

Preparation for the sports law segment on the “live” show looks something like this:

– Ryan Lochte issues have been trending most of the day and there are several topics that can be discussed with regard to the circumstance that have been reported as having occurred in Brazil.  Falsifying a police report, allegations in the media, international laws vs. U.S. laws … it can be scary for a U.S. citizen to be in a foreign country and be subject to prosecution.  An interesting case, that is not sports related but rather music industry, involved Randy Blythe, front man for “Lamb of God’ who was charged with crimes when a death resulted after a fan charged on stage.  U.S. citizens were up in arms when Randy was held in jail for the death of the fan, and so taking the matter of Ryan Lochte into consideration, and the other swimmers, what can be said about elite athletes being able to be ‘off the hook’ if you will, for being able to make a charitable donation?  Many have asked if racism was involved here since Lochte is considered elite due to his race [ of course that could be the media’s portrayal because his race and elite status could has also worked against him, right?  I mean, last I checked, I did not realize Brazilians favored one race over the other, but the media always manages to throw that race card into the mix to give us something to talk about ]


– Fantasy Football is in the news again and Gaming Today [ publication I write for and Ken is very familiar with ] actually tweeted a tweet about the loss of tax dollars that we do not get to use to benefit our economy because we do not have sports betting legalized.  Same could be said for fantasy sports, and it does seem a bit ridiculous [ to me ] that there is so much to do about nothing.  If stock market and insurance industry work on ‘law of large numbers’ and predictions that are in a sense a gamble, what’s the problem?  Statisticians can do lots to help the average guy have as much of an inside track as the top handicappers, and the playing field seems to be level.  What’s the difference between ‘insider trading’ and potential vulnerability of athletes [ or coaches etc., ] being lured to throw a game and/or gamble on their own outcome?  Doesn’t legalization make it easier to detect?  Doesn’t regulation of fantasy sports industry help the industry have legitimacy through transparency?  What’s the big deal?

Of course, the government sticking their nose into people’s business, and putting all these rules in place that require people without felonies or criminal records will possibly put a damper on things, if by chance those who reign in the fantasy sports industry have criminal records.


Darren Sharper has been sentenced to 18 years and this is such a sad set of circumstances.  What could posses a man to do what he did?  It’s mind boggling that someone with so much, who takes pride in being a dedicated father during an NFL dedication to women, goes and violate women in such a manner.  Just sad.


Brian seemed very interested to talk about how the NFL wants to compel players to testify and give over information after media allegations that they used PEDS were reported.  #WhatwouldPeytonDo is actually a popular hashtag on Twitter and one has to wonder what would be happening if he had not retired?  Why was he cleared and the other players still subject to being forced to talk?


Lastly Ray Rice has offered to donate his salary to charity.  Should the Ravens give him a chance?  Is Ray not playing because he can’t play anymore [ skill wise ] or is it more than that?  Should Ray be given a chance to play?  My opinion on this is same as I had regarding the re-signing of Michael Vick after he served time for a crime.  I do not see what sense it makes for US Citizens to pay money for tax dollars that go toward rehabilitation etc., and then disallow rehabilitated offenders to get employment.  What’s the point if after they learn, they cannot go back into society and have productive lives and teach others.  If our greatest mistakes are lessons we learn from mistakes, why prevent a man who has made a mistake, done his time, and is committed to being a good citizen be unable to work in the field he was worked?  Just seems so hypocritical to me, especially when you consider that Malcolm X was a former felon, who ended up lecturing at Oxford.  Go figure.

#PaidPatriotism #NFLHOF & #Gleason

Tonight during the #PanishPerspective attorney Brian Panish will take us through some of the tough topics that are currently trending in sports.  The NFL’s decision to give back over $700K to US taxpayers over what has been coined as ‘paid patriotism,’ as well as, its decision not to treat those who traveled to see the NFL HOF game with the respect they might have thought they deserved, will be discussed during the bottom half of the first hour on @SportSXRadio via @720KDWN.

In addition, to ‘paid patriotism’ and the NFL-HOF debacle, the documentary movie Gleason which profiles the live of former NFL player, Steve Gleason and highlights his decision not to sue the NFL, after he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease [also called ALS, amyotrophic ateral sclerosis] will be discussed.

#PanishPerspective is airs at 7:30 pm PST via 720 on your AM dial, or via the free app you can download right to your phone.  See for the link so you can listen, and don’t forget to follow @SportSXRadio on Twitter where you can feel free to share your thoughts about tonight’s topics. [ You can also follow Brian at @Panish31 and visit to learn more about his exceptional track record in helping individuals and businesses resolve their legal disputes. ]

Where will you be in five years?

Had you asked me that question five years ago, its doubtful I would have said that I’d be heading to Vegas, let alone owning my own business. Most likely I would have thought I would have been just about to finish my dissertation and looking for a teaching job at a community college, somewhere in America.

What about you?  If someone asked you five years ago where you would be today, would you have been accurate in your prediction.  My brother, who recently got married, more than likely would not have predicted that he would have walked down the aisle, and my son might not have had any idea that he would be heading back to Ohio, to complete his junior year in college.  He might have predicted college, but don’t think he would have anticipated Ohio University as his school of choice, nor would he have guessed that he would be very dedicated to achieving good grades, and working toward a degree in Athletic Marketing Media.  In fact, chances are five years ago, a degree program in such an academic field even existed.

What prompted my query this morning, was a book I had purchased from Starbuck’s far more than five years ago, that asks that very question:

 Where will you be five years from now?

While I might have been wrong in the past with my predictions about my future, I am going to give it a try once again.  I’m going to say that five years from today, I will have a successful business, engage in public speaking about the importance of qualitative measurements, and that I will divide part of my time on the East Coast, and part on the West.  I will still love “old” movies; only chances are I might be watching them in a way I could have never predicted so I’ll just stay clear of any tech predictions.

I will also stay away from any future predictions about my love life.  After all I would not want to jinx anything, although I might go as far as to say there might be someone special in my life.

It’s fun to think about the future sometimes, and wonder where we might be headed.  It’s also fun to take a look at the past, and realize just how far we’ve come.  That being said, there’s also nothing wrong with taking a look around and appreciating the present, for even if we could never have predicted what was to come, the present is the perfect time to appreciate all that we have.





My #worstdate ever

This week, I happened to read an article in Cosmopolitan mag, which is titled ‘Worst Date Ever’ and people shared about their worst dates.  I thought about the dates I’ve had over the years, and wondered which might classify as the ‘worst date ever’ … nothing really came to mind until now.  I think for me, the ‘worst date ever’ is the one I never had, the one that I looked forward to, but never came to be.  It never ceases to amaze me that someone could devalue a person, to the point of asking them to go out on a date, and then never show up, never even call after making plans.  What is it that causes a person to do something like that, and manage to be so cruel?  Try as I may, I’ll never know, just what it is, but I do know that for me my ‘worst date ever’ is the one I never had, with the man I thought was someone who valued me, took the time to ask me out, and never showed.  Silly?  Maybe, but for me, that’s definitely my ‘worst date ever’….

Just because you heard that, doesn’t mean I said that #RayRice

Ray Rice, a former football player who played in the National Football League committed a horrible act of violence.  He was arrested, and was court ordered to participate in several programs that would educate him about the potential root causes of domestic violence.  He had an opportunity many who are arrested for such a horrible act do not get, and he had a choice to either learn and grow, and be grateful or become a repeat offender.  So far, based on all the information available, it appears that Ray might have actually chosen to learn and grow, and would like to give back to help victims of domestic violence, by offering his salary, should be be permitted to play professional football in the NFL again.  At least that’s what sources say….

This morning I mentioned that I support Ray Rice’s return to the NFL should a team wish to give him an opportunity to play football.  I would also support Ray’s being involved in coaching a college team.  Someone mentioned that he was shocked that I would condone what Ray did and I’m wondering just why he heard that, as opposed to what I said.  What I said was I support a man who goes through the criminal justice system returning to his means of employment, especially when he offers to give back to society after committing a wrong.  At the core of the criminal justice system in this country is the belief that people can be rehabilitated.  We citizens pay countless dollars on programs within the states in which we live that are meant to help offenders learn and grow.  Why one earth would we not want to see these programs at work?  Yes, I support Ray’s playing football, much more so than I supported the Dallas Cowboy’s choice of selecting a man who never owned his mistakes. If an NFL team could find it okay to hire Mr. Hardy, why one earth would there be any reason to fault the re-hiring of Mr. Rice?


Should Pokemon Go, Go or Partner with the #NFL?

The other night, while watching my niece, she asked if it would be “okay” if she went to meet her boyfriend so they could go find Pokémon.  At first I thought she was kidding, but soon realized that she was very serious.  She’s fifteen, and I would have thought she had outgrown Pokemon.  Only to my surprise, soon she was walking with her boyfriend, in the neighborhood, with her smart phone in tow, in search of Pokemon.

According to an article by Ariana McLymore ( @ArritheWriter ) posted over at Pokémon Go is set to launch in Japan, and McDonald’s “will be the first partner with Pokémon Go and users in Japan will see more than 3,000 of the fast food restaurants become gyms.”

While I’m grappling with the potential liabilities, I’m also thinking that perhaps this might be something the NFL Commissioner might examine as a way to get fans into the stands.

The most influential elf on Twitter, Ernie Keebler [ @KeeblerElves ]

Do you happen to follow, Ernie Keebler, on Twitter?  Ernie’s profile states that he was so busy baking “uncommonly good cookies and crackers” that he only just found out about Twitter, and he’s now working hard to get up to date.  Well, with over 17K followers and some of the most creative tweets on Twitter, it seems he’s going to master social media marketing just as wonderfully as he’s mastered those uncommonly good, Fudge Stripes.

Ernie’s handle is @KeeblerElves and his home and what makes his tweets stand out from the rest, is the dynamic personality that perhaps only an elf could have. He’s humble, super smart, and most importantly personable. He is treating his followers with kindness and sharing about his cookies in the same way he’s always done, which is by seeming real. The cool thing about Ernie and Keebler’s elves is that they still have that amazing knack to get its customers convinced that those uncommonly good cookies are actually baked by elves!!! Do yourself a flavor and follow Ernie, @KeeblerElves simply because its good to smile, and Ernie’s tweets are probably going to put a smile on your face, as well as, cause you to have an even bigger devotion to Fudge Stripes, because brand loyalty is key, and it’s going to be hard to walk past him now when you see his face in the supermarket.

Chalk this one up for marketing genius! Truly, Ernie’s the most influential elf on Twitter.ErnieKeebler

Do you think @CJSpillman27 could be innocent? #FourthofJuly #Freedom

It’s July 4th and while many in America are planning to celebrate freedom today, it’s unlikely ex-Cowboy C.J. Spillman who was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to five years in prison, is one of them.  Claude Norman “C.J.” Spillman, Jr. was an American football safety, as well as, Special teamer. Is C.J. Spillman guilty of the crime he was charged with and convicted of? Apparently so, at least according to a Dallas Fort-Worth jury, but it’s not as though juries have not been wrong before.

A few weeks ago I traveled to Texas to interview a former NFL player who happens to have written an autobiography about his journey from his childhood through his NFL days, and he invited me to spend time with him. What does this have to do with C.J. Spillman? Well, let’s just say that the man I interviewed, according to some, had two strikes against him as far as the odds that I might be safe. Those two strikes happen to be his color and his former career. Why he played in the NFL, and he’s a man of color, so surely I was subjecting myself to danger when I agreed to visit him in his natural setting to conduct the interview, right?

Are professional athletes targeted? Or are they just a bunch of egotistical jerks that take advantage of women and have no regard for the law? Was the Dallas Fort-Worth jury that convicted Spillman of sexual assault able to see beyond his color, his career of choice, and his lack of stellar record with the Dallas Cowboys?   Why did C.J. Spillman take the stand in his own defense, and why did he not take the plea of being guilty to a misdemeanor charge? According to all I’ve read, the man wanted to proclaim his innocence and share with the jury.

What if when I went to do my interview of this former NFL player one thing lead to another and we ended up having sex, and then I decided I wanted to make a quick buck, and claim rape or sexual assault? Would he be found guilty and sentenced to years in prison? The trust this man placed in me by allowing me to get to know him in his natural environment was somewhat of a chance don’t you think?   Of course, I took a chance, too because after all I was allowing myself to be in an environment that many would have deemed was risky based merely on certain variables that might, in fact, include profiling. Dare we do that?

As we celebrate this 4th of July, I’m wondering just what it was that caused a jury to convict C.J. Spillman, and what the NFL investigation after the charges were made might have revealed. I’m wondering about players like Kobe Bryant, Darren Sharper, Ben Roethisberger, Jameis Winston, Greg Hardy, and others who never made it to the NFL, such as the young men who recently got convicted of several charges involving sexual assault, Brandon Vandenburg, and Corey Batey. Why do these cases all end so differently? What are we doing to learn more and actually prevent sexual assault and/or professional athletes from being targeted?

What’s bothersome to me about the case against C.J. Spillman is that I am, at least so far, unable to find out more about the actual trial in the media. So far, the reports I’ve read in the Dallas papers and USA Today seem to have a somewhat vague account of the trial. I’ve learned that Spillman took the stand in his own defense, claimed to have been targeted and was found guilty after two hours of jury deliberation. Only thing I’ve not been able to find out is why.

How Twitter is Changing the Ad World

This is an actual copy of content from an email I shared with Duncan Gilman, Dean of Students at Splash Media University … 

Hi Duncan,

Hope you are well.  Just wanted to reach out to share a story that I thought you might find of interest, as well as, say hello.

This year, the first Sunday night baseball game was between the Mets and the Royals, a rematch of last year’s World Series.  As I prepared to watch the game, I took a look at the Twitter timelines for both teams.  This is a normal occurrence in my world, as Twitter has become my initial ‘go-to’ source for all sports related information.  While looking at the @Mets TL, I noticed a tweet with a photo about ad space that was available over at Cashman Field, which is the home field of the Las Vegas 51s, the NY Mets Triple A team.  Since I work to promote a sports talk radio program in Vegas, and also promote a sports bar, I reached out to the team to see how much the space would cost.

I’m happy to share this weekend, the ad space that was available is now going to be filled, and its all because of Twitter!!! My client, Steiner’s Pub, located in NV will be advertising in the space, and my idea for #TweetYourSmile will be used in conjunction with marketing to fans! The rest is still unwritten, but it’s likely that the domain and the handle @TweetYourSmile will be used in conjunction with the sign, and all the smiles will be shared on site, and via social media.

How amazing is it that a local Vegas business, tweeted about available ad space and their New York affiliate, retweeted the tweet … and then while I was sitting somewhere at the Jersey Shore I noticed the re-tweet on the NY Mets TL, and subsequently reached out to my Vegas client? Goes to show just how amazing Twitter is …. and how qualitative data is so important.  One might have thousands of followers, but all it takes is ONE follower who takes the time to pay attention, to connect the right people and get a deal done!🙂

Someday I hope to speak to businesses, and share my success stories about how I incorporated qualitative tweets into the mix while working to promote an am radio show in Vegas, and ended up reaching the world!!🙂 Thanks for taking time to be so supportive and for backing up all I already knew with your coursework, I’m a huge fan of SMU!


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